My lifestyle photography is an artistic approach to capturing portrait images in an ‘everyday’ way. No studio,no fixed poses and no ‘say cheese’. It is funny how many times some small children do automatically say cheese though!

I usually work outdoors for my lifestyle photography sessions to take advantage of the natural light. Mother nature’s surroundings or architectural interest both provide equally good backdrops for this style of portrait photography which will give you a mix of close up portraits and other imagery where you feature within your wider environment. A romantic walk in the park or through town, a family ramble through woods, a picnic or childhood games are all good activities to make the photo-shoot ‘everyday’ styled. It’s about you and places or activities you enjoy to let us capture images which reflect you and your life.

A lifestyle photography session typically lasts 90 minutes using two or three different backdrops or locations with advice before the photo-shoot regarding clothing and activities. For examples of my lifestyle work have a browse through my engagement and family galleries.

I photograph couples, families and children from tots to teens. Just as every person and family is individual, I work to create a collection of portraits unique to you. Children all behave differently being photographed so the photo-shoot could involve me chasing around to capture young ones at play, them playing for the camera or casual posing for image conscious teens or larger groups, I will respond to what works best at the time.

If you are looking for some special images of yourselves or people special to you then please get in touch to chat about a morning, afternoon or summer evening out and about with me and my camera.Our initial discussion will help me to understand what you are hoping for and we can start to talk through location and styling ideas. Typically I will come to your home at the start of our session so there will be plenty of opportunity to develop these ideas and get prepared before we head out for some photography fun. This time together allows me to get to know you some more and when little people are involved it also helps them get used to me being around. Once we are out and about we can then let the photo-shoot evolve naturally spending an hour or two getting a selection of images.