I have a long held fascination with horses, their grace, movement and behaviour. Some of my earliest memories are of mischief making at neighbouring stables and many school holidays being spent as a stable girl. Long days of grooming, mucking out and tack cleaning were rewarded with hacks or schooling and I have to confess to lots of sneaky bareback riding while collecting or returning ponies from their fields! I don’t get a chance to ride too often these days but my love for horses is still strong. If I draw it is horses that I tend to sketch and entering the world of equine photography has become a real passion of mine.

If you are lucky enough to have your own horse or pony then I know that they will be your pride and joy and capturing you together is a special photographic commission for me. Before setting to work with my camera I like to spend some time to hear a bit about your horse and how we may gain the best reflection of you both, perhaps while you give him a final ‘primp and polish’ ready for the session. Working within an environment where you know your horse will be comfortable is key and so I will look to make the most of those places and the available light and backdrops. Over 90┬áminutes we will capture a good variety of imagery, moving location regularly to keep your horse or pony engaged. Bringing along someone else who is familiar to your horse or is happy around horses is always an added advantage in attracting their attention and keeping their ears pricked!

Safety and comfort is always a priority and if we need to change plans to adapt to unexpected behaviour or challenges on the day then I will always respond so that we do not ask for too much from your four legged love. If you would like images of your horse or pony ‘solo’ then we will maybe end the session in the stable or putting him out to graze and just observe quietly for a while…


I cover Northamptonshire and surrounding counties including Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire. Travel charges apply for locations beyond 30 miles of NN7